About Us

Watchshopee started its business in a grand vision of Mr. Arvind Kumar in year 2007. The company has a carefully curated watch collection of world renowed brands like Armani, Calvin klein, Seiko, Fossil, Casio, Diesel, Skagen, Dkny, Titan and many more. We are the only Multi Branded company, which has induced IT completely into our system, making us more efficient and competitive to understand our customers , so that they have a clear intuition about our progress and growth. The keys of our brand success are self-definition,authenticity, transparency and accountability.
The company has always had its home in the hearts of its customers, as we make excellence accessible by offering a bigger and better selection of timepieces than any other company.

Our mission has always been to offer unique and eye-catching watches at the best possible price tag. Offbeat and innovative are the key words for this new watch collection, designs that look to the future. We try blending in the ?old with the new? and the ?contemporary with the classic? to achieve a distinctive range of watches, that give people the freedom of personal style.
How is that different than anything else in the marketplace? Because we Just don?t get swayed away by trends, we start them!

Our service is such that, every timepiece is fully restored by our certified watchmaker, with original watch parts, and comes with a guarantee. Gratyfying our customers is the top priority. We do not just believe in making a sale, we make customers. Quality in a service or product is not what we put into it, it is what you get out of it. We have been selling branded products exclusively from authorized dealers, we consistently buy at the lowest possible prices, this is why we can offer you such exceptional savings.

Persistence, Perfection, Patience, Power & Passion are the words that define the leader of the company, the youngest Watch entrepreneur Of India and his energetic young professionals, Who always search for change, respond to it, and exploit it as an opportunity makes the company innovative in itself.

Competition is our incentive to progress. We continuously boost our knowledge base be it latest in technology, market scenario or customer requirements. We have earned reputation for first-rate products, remarkable customer service and a firm commitment to long term customer care, you are dealing with a Company which cares, because, we just do not have a Vision, we combine it with Venture, executing it is the soul and DNA of our organization.